Wednesday, January 03, 2007


A year after surgery. Stabilized.

A year after surgery, I'm no longer buying eye drops. Sometimes I rest my eyes to stop them feeling dry, or put my glasses on. I think the glasses stop airflow over my eyes, reducing evaporation.

I'm still wearing glasses for night driving and going to the cinema. The credits at the cinema still have two images superimposed - one in focus and one out of focus. I've stopped noticing so much & probably won't do anything about it, unless someone nearby can make me spectacles to solve the problem.
Sorry to hear about your problems with Lasik. I thought about getting the surgery but I've been afraid of the risks.
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I'm not going to get Lasik. I have been visiting an eye doctor to get evaluated for glaucoma - my eye pressure is a little high, but he says not to worry as there is a lot of indications that I don't have glaucoma, but I'll be going back for further tests.

I barely passed the vision test for my drivers license, so I might not pass the next time which is eight years away. I'm not going to take any risks with my existing vision.
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