Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Why do I still have dry eyes?

Apparently dry eyes after lasik surgery are due to nerve damage, but a recent study has postulated that it may be due to goblet cell damage, which takes longer to heal.

What are goblet cells?
They are cells which secrete mucous. Obviously if they are damaged during surgery, the eye won't be able to secrete tears, not only because the nerves aren't telling them to secrete tears, but because they cannot. I've found a website which claims that a product called TheraTears with Omega 3 oils helps the eyes by improving their nutrition and reducing inflammation.
I think i need lasik surgery...my vision blured day by day and im still 20. Scary.
Nuruddeen710, if your vision is changing rapidly, you definitely should not have lasik surgery, because your eyes will still change rapidly after the surgery and you will need stronger & stronger glasses again.

What you really need is to go for a check up with your optometrist & possibly an opthalmologist to see whether there is any underlying cause. If your lifestyle has changed recently you may be experiencing eye strain. For example if you are studying & reading a lot you may be straining your eyes. Hours at the computer screen could also be causing eye strain - a better screen or eye relaxing exercises can help.

Your Blogs don't give any more details - Manchester United & Real Estate aren't really relevant to Laser Eye Surgery.
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